The moment you think of an exhibition a lot of associated activities and series of tasks haunt your mind. A little negligence on any of the details can lead to underperformance of your event and you may end up losing money with unsatisfactory results.

Melodia event planners in Kerala, specializes in exhibition services and stall design & fabrication for various needs by different industries. We are fully trained and equipped to design and executive effective work providing you efficiency in all our planning and implementation for your overall success.

Our services include,

  • Planning and finalizing the date
  • Selection of venue and booking
  • Inviting the guests and publicity
  • Crafting a layout to present your product or service
  • Deciding on AC tent and octanorm set-ups
  • Designing booth and stalls
  • Setting up various points of display
  • Checking up audio-visual and lighting facilities

Our creative team ensures flawless execution of every single event and provides you true value for your money. We consider ourselves done only with the success of your event success.